7.75" Jumbo Eco-STRAWS - Unwrapped 6000 ct phade Box

Orders placed in California, Washington and Maryland will receive phade products packaged as home and industrial compostable in compliance with applicable laws in those states; information provided about this item does not constitute an offer to sell product labelled/packaged as marine biodegradable in California, Washington or Maryland.

7.75" Jumbo Ocean Friendly Sustainable Eco-STRAWS Unwrapped

  • Marine Biodegradable + Home & Industrial Compostable
  • Made with PHA derived from Sustainable Canola Oil
  • Performs like traditional Plastic straws with Less environmental impacts
  • 7.75" Jumbo Straws perfect for Drinks, Smoothies, & Shakes
  • 6000 Straws
  • .219 Outer Diameter
  • Currently shipping within the continental US. Other orders available via Amazon

Product Information

Straw Diameter 0.219
Straw Length 7.75"
Straw Wrap Unwrapped
Carton Count 600 straws
# of Cartons 10
Carton Dimensions 5.7" x 4.5" x 8"
Case Count 6000 straws
Case Weight 18.49 lbs
Case Dimensions 23" x "8.4 x 12"
Cube 1.33

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